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WOW 2018.

As we move into January we gather round with hot cups of tea or coffee at your favorite shops, conversing about past holiday and New Year plans. Look for our tasty treats of Shortbread Cookies, Tea Breads, Soft Cookies (Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut), Gluten Free Granola and Eight Grain Pullaparts!

Around towns locally & Seattle we have our Shortbread Cookies in all the  Town & Country Markets and Central Markets stores,  Safeway - Bainbridge Island & Safeway - Poulsbo stores.  

You can find our yummy Gluten Free Granola's  in 2 sizes at Rolling Bay Cafe - Bainbridge Island, Indianola Store, Greens on Your Way - Silverdale.

If your traveling by ferry from Bainbridge Island or Kingston you'll find a full assortment of our cookies, tea breads, Hollis's Eight Grain Pullaparts and granola's at Communter Comforts-Bainbridge Island and Aviator Coffee - Kingston right at the ferry.

Our new friends at Good Egg -Bainbridge Island have a wide assortment of or baked goods plus Hollis's Eight Grain Pullaparts.

As you travel the byways you can stop in for a refreshment and a selection of Farm Kitchen Bakery product at 3 Latte on Your Way locations, Greens on Your Way, Nordic Coffee, Frontier Coffee - Pouslbo Metro Market Cafe - Bainbridge Island.

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