Additional information for prospective kitchen users.

Food business using Farm Kitchen must have a Washington State business license and be licensed and inspected by either the Kitsap Health District or by Washington USDA

Which type of food business do you have is the first question?

Temporary food establishments are those which serve food seasonallyor intermittently or at events such as fairs, farmer's markets, bake sales etc. Are inspected & permited by the Kitsap Health District

If you are selling at Farmer's Markets, to local food establishments, grocery stores and or fall in these categories

  • All processors who sell 5% or more of their processed food products through wholesale distribution networks (unless not licensed and inspected by any other agency).
  • All bakeries that sell more than 25% of their products wholesale.
  • All processors who process low acid canned foods (i.e. canned fish, vegetables or retorted pouches of fish, vegetables, etc.) whether retail or wholesale.

These are inspected & permitted by the Washington USDA

Some food business can work out of a home kitchen through the USDA Cottage Food Law

Fast Links to get your business started:

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Kitsap Health Dept
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Attention Kitchen Rental Users go to this application- Food Establishment Plan Review Application
USDA Applications & Forms